ERG / BRG Events‚Äč

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Too many organizations turn their ERG's / BRG's into a year-long extension of their Heritage Month Celebrations.  The best in class models involve integrating the approach of the Business resource group into the institutional strategies in either the workforce, workplace and/or marketplace.  Examples of areas of focus include but are not limited to: 

(1.) Workforce

  • Developing Inclusive Sourcing Strategies
  • Providing Input in Refining Coaching & Mentoring

(2.) Workplace 

  • Providing Input on respectful Workplace Policies
  • Identifying and Helping Change Derailing Behaviors

(3.) Marketplace

  • Making Recommendations to Help Grow Diverse Markets
  • Influencing Cultural Competence in Sales

Additional areas of emphasis for BGR/ERG members are also aligned with their desire for improved professional development skills.  Topics in this category of the employee population are similar to those offered associated with the Heritage Groups

What matter most to the majority of these employees are things related to their job and/or career.  Listed below are topics that are not just specific to Black History Month or Hispanic Heritage Month, but ALL cultural celebrations as well as BRG/ERG meetings and retreats.

Additionally, these topics apply those that may identify as 'ALLIES" of these groups as well.  The topics that would resonate with most employees include:


  • Being a SALT Water Fish; In a Fresh Water Tank! (Corporate Culture)
    • There are Toxins in the Water; So How Do You Not Just Survive; But Thrive?

  • What Do They See When They See Me?
    • Everyone Has a Label; Do You Know What Yours Says?

  • It's Not Who You Know, But WHO KNOW YOU!
    • Who's Wearing Your T-Shirt in the Boardroom?

  • Know When to Hold 'Em...  And Know When to Fold 'Em!
    • Leaving Versus Lateral Moves: How To Know Which is Best & When To Go!

There are MANY, MANY other topics associated with adding to your personal toolkit available.  If there are specific topics or areas of improvements needed.