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The fee structure for Craig is not posted on this website.  This is because there are so many variations for each client situation that it is difficult to give a flat fee on the website.  However, understanding the need to have a way to begin the conversation there are some basic considerations that will impact the pricing.  For speaking 
engagements, there are two types of fees, domestic (continental USA) locations and international. 

Domestic Fees:  These fees are billed based on the amount of time Craig will actually be spending on site with the client. There is no hourly rate for Craig’s time.  You will either be billed for an entire day or a rate referred to as ‘up to half a day’. (Keep in mind each presentation is customized and there are many hours spent preparing before the presentation.)   

Value Added Option:  If you want Craig to speak for 30 to 45 minutes as the Keynote for a luncheon meeting – he will also schedule an executive meeting, breakout session during that ‘half day time frame (four hours) at no additional cost. 

Revenue Opportunity for Associations:  If you would like to conduct a half-day workshop for the members of your association providing them with professional development and/or continuing education, Craig is receptive to discussing ways to customize a workshop that would allow your organization to charge your members a fee and make the session a revenue source for the association.