Derailing behaviors are happening in ever increasing numbers in most organizations today. They are defined as behaviors that take someone's dignity and self-esteem away.  These are behaviors, whether intentional or not, that sabotages, undermines or weakens employees commitment, passion or willingness to conduct their responsibilities at their full potential.

When someone feels disrespected in the workplace they stop bringing their 'A' game to work on a regular basis.  In fact, they revert back to doing just what they have to do to avoid being seen as slacking off.  Because of turnover replacement costs, most organizations try to avoid people quitting and leaving.  The real cost is not when people quit and leave but when they quit and stay!

Respectful workplace do not happen by accident.  It takes an intentional effort to make sure that 'toxins' are cleared from the water that people have to drink from.  Often times this begins by having a discussion that identifies what respect looks like and then understanding what potential skills are needed to achieve the cultural nuances needed to make dignity and respect the standard and not the outlier!


  • What Can You Do Personally?
    • If You're Not Part of the Solution; You're Part of the Problem!

  • Organizational Solutions are Critical!
    • Everyone Has to Have a Voice in Creating the Fix!

  • Respectful Workplace Policies...
    • How Do You Develop Them & Get People to Own Them??

There are MANY, MANY other topics associated with adding to your personal toolkit available.  If there are specific topics or areas of improvements needed.




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