Moving from being seen as transactional to strategic seems to be an ongoing issue for HR professionals.  As a speaker in the HRMA space, I focus on showing HR professionals how to integrate metrics that matter into their toolkit!

I emphasize the importance of understanding the strategic analytical links to topics that executives are measured by.  Too many HR professionals don't speak the language of leaders. While they are always interested in metrics such as workforce metrics like:

  • Disperate Impact
  • Selection Rates
  • Availability Analysis
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Pass Rates for Testing

All of these metrics deal with compliance issues.  While these are important from a risk mitigation perspective; these metrics are not how most executives are compensated.

Most HR professionals need to have a better understanding of how their role impact metrics such as margin enhancement, efficiency ratios, EBITDA, Discretionary Earnings and more.  

As a speaker I provide, in lay terms specific links connected to how people are treated, profitability & performance!

As a keynote speaker, Craig has spoken at numerous HR Chapters.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Human Capital Analytics: Linking Treatment & Performance
  • How To Eliminate Workplace Bullying
  • Setting Up an RWP (Respectful Workplace Policy)
  • Communicating on Diverse Teams
  • Recruiting Strategies for Culturally Competent Leaders
  • Retaining Traditionally Under-Utilized Employees
  • Mentoring in an Increasingly Diverse Environment  
  • Impact of Cultural Challenges on Teams
  • Creativity & Innovation Linked to Diversity & Inclusion

There are 25 to 30 different topics that are specifically focused on talent management competencies and areas of responsibility.  These could also be incorporated into a local SHRM chapter keynote presentation.

I have also conducted Pre & Post luncheon workshops for participants looking for General or Strategic HRCI credits on a number of topics.  Let's discuss what works for your chapter and/or organization.

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